Watch: Karl Rove On Steve Bannon’s ‘Fundamental Mistake’


Fox News contributor says there’s ‘no evidence’ that President-elect Trump’s chief strategist is a bigot, but he did allow Breitbart to become an outlet for the alt-right.




  1. Karl Rove just like lots of others has probably never read Breitbart’s site. When I heard he about it I went there to check it out. The basic problem everyone is having is a muddy definition of “alt-right.” Steve Bannon had defined it as those who were conservatives but nationalistic and not globalists. The left wing media has thrown in the Neo-Nazi’s, KKK and all sorts of other undesirables to the definition. It’s like saying you work at McDonalds and then someone decides that McDonald’s includes ISIS and Al Queda so now you are a terrible person. Seriously. Check out the site and see if they have or have had anything that fits what the media is saying. I have yet to find it.

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