Watch: Hour-Long Documentary On Shimon Peres from Israel’s Channel 1 (Hebrew)



  1. I don’t get it from my recollection he was the architect for the disaster call Oslo accords is there some reason to idolize him that I missed?

  2. The guy was a real Machiavellian, sheigetz, commie, and judenrat. The only good thing he did was possibly getting the French to assist with Dimona reactor over fifty years ago. Peres was always an integral part of the erev rav coalition with the goals of destroying Torah and Am Yisroel. For example, he caused deaths of hundreds of Jews with his Oslo under the table deals. Peres’ hands are smeared in Jewish blood. He was a real apparatchik whose only way to get into the Knesset was on the party list system, would be very unlikely to get elected in a direct democratic election. He might have done a few minor favors for Olam Hatorah while doing everything to fight the Torah – don’t be fooled by the Machiavellian tricks.


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