Watch: Hillary Clinton Says She Was in New York City on 9/11 – Even Though She Wasn’t


Campaigning in Florida on Tuesday, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton claimed that she was in New York City on 9/11, when terrorists flew planes into the World Trade Center, Breitbart reports. She made her claim while discussing terrorism and the threat posed by ISIS.

“I know what happened not far from here at Pulse night club in Orlando,” she said. “I was in New York City on 9/11 as one of the two senators. I will defeat ISIS. I will protect America.”

But Clinton wasn’t in New York on 9/11, according to Politico. As a United States Senator she was in Washington D.C. at her home in Whitehaven when the first plane hit the World Trade Center. Clinton flew to New York on September 12, after making a speech on the Senate Floor in the morning.




  1. It’s what we keep saying she lies for the sake of lying. I just like she lied about being in New York she’s also lying about going to protect us

  2. This poor excuse of a woman, much less a human being, is compelled to lie about anything and everything. She also had lied saying Chelsea was jogging near the World Trade Center that day. It was Chelsea who ousted her on that lie. To use one of the most horrific terrorist attack on US soil just to peddle votes is despicable and immoral.

    Her poor judgment keeps putting her foot in her mouth – she is her own worst enemy. Like her Bosnia lie and Benghazi lie, this one was also easily verified as being a falsehood. People are really voting for someone so deceitfully stupid? Who can’t make one truthful statement of fact? Says a lot about their moral compass. The Democrats made as big of a mistake not nomination Sanders as the Republicans did nominating Trump. Unfortunately, we will all suffer from their blind ignorance.

    May Karma show her no mercy.

  3. she doesn’t even know how to say the TRUTH anymore – do you want a LIAR in the white house???
    didn’t you have enough of eight years of lying to the American people???


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