Watch: Donald Trump On ABC’s “This Week”


On ABC’s “This Week” yesterday, Donald Trump said he doesn’t necessarily think the GOP needs to be unified in the fall. Trump told George Stephanopoulos, “Does the party have to be together? Does it have to be unified?… I actually don’t think so.”


Trump engaged in some political back-peddling. When asked whether he would raise or lower taxes on the wealthy, Trump gave a response that Stephanopoulos said contradicted previous statements he has made on the policy issue. “They will go up a little bit, and they may go up — ” Trump said, before the ABC host interrupted him, saying, “But in your plan they’re going down.” “In my plan they’re going down,” Trump clarified, “But by the time it’s negotiated they’ll go up.” Trump added, “I don’t mind paying more tax – I’ll be honest with you.” “Will someone like me or Donald Trump pay more under your tax plan?”



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