Watch: Daniel Eleff Throws Out First Pitch at World Series Game 7 Last Night



  1. Wow, such a Kiddush Hashem. This is what makes Hashem real proud of his dear children. The Geulah got just a little bit closer.

  2. Good to think a yid is so carefully chosen, but I will testify to you that I did not see the first pitch but note that Jim Thome was noted by the press and the news stations to be the guy to throw it out. Was this just a hoax? I wonder if we are in a different experience on this one.

    Could we have had a cover-up or anything else? Did this guy do the job or did Thome do it? Curious.

    What is the experience from the game???????

  3. They once asked President Obama to throw the first pitch. He threw Michelle over the railing and then complained that he couldn’t hear well.

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