Watch: Assemblyman Hikind Asks Outraged Community Members How They Feel About Dangerous Traffic Changes Coming to Ocean Parkway


Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) was joined by residents from the community Tuesday afternoon to express their outrage over the traffic changes coming to Ocean Parkway. Hikind explained how eliminating right turns from the mainline heading North and South onto Avenues J, P and Kings Highway would endanger the safety of children and families that live adjacent to Ocean Parkway, as well as bog down traffic along the service roads.

“Eliminating right turns will pose a dangerous threat to the safety of both pedestrians and motorists alike, and will undoubtedly create havoc for everyone who commutes and lives along Ocean Parkway,” Hikind said.

“I encourage everyone to join me at the rally this Sunday, Dec. 4th, at 11 a.m. on the corner of Avenue J and Ocean Parkway and encourage friends and family who oppose these disastrous changes to come voice their concern,” Hikind added. “I implore you to call Governor Cuomo at 518-474-8390 and the Mayor at 212-788-3000 and ask them and ask them to save Ocean Parkway.”

Below is the video of Assemblyman Hikind speaking with outraged community members Tuesday afternoon regarding the changes to Ocean Parkway:



  1. Those new regulations on Ocean Parkway are nuts. Better put “Walk” signs where people cross the avenues next to Ocean parkway. Also put the speed limit back up to at least 30. The new 25mph has caused traffic to slow so much that traffic is too dense.

  2. Could we have more details about the plan? Were they opening the service road so that you can turn into Ave. K as well, if coming from that direction? We need the details – maybe part of the plan is good. Ave K needs to be opened up onto Ocean Parkway. Then ave J and K should be turned into one way streets, going in opposite directions -just like 13 and 14 avenues in Boro Park.

    Are we being asked to be outraged that the people who enjoy the quiet, upscale community who will now face traffic? Sorry, but you do not inconvenience the whole New York for a few people’s comfort. There are laws about this, and those residents would get a few bucks too. But trafic is terrible and dangerous for all New Yorkers, and they must be protected first.

    Assemblyman Hikind, please give us all the details. Thank you!

    • You’ve gone from meaning well to nastiness and distortions.
      1) Class resentment. Turning peoples’ quiet residential streets into major thoroughfares is something that requires much thought and consideration, whether they’re upscale, middle class, poor or any combination.
      2) “Inconvenience the whole New York”? How silly.
      3) “There are laws about this” Presumably you mean eminent domain, but using that logic, you can justify uprooting entire communities. Disallowing all parking on 50th and 53rd streets in Boro Park and making them two-lane streets may improve traffic flow, but that doesn’t mean it’s OK to inconvenience residents who’ve lived there for decades.
      4) “…and those residents would get a few bucks too.” From who? How much? Who decides what’s fair? What if residents don’t want “a few bucks” and don’t want their neighborhood altered?
      5) “But trafic [sic] is terrible and dangerous for all New Yorkers, and they must be protected first.” Something you want changed for your personal convenience is now “dangerous for all New Yorkers”? How disingenuous.
      6) Do you realize that there are all kinds of zoning and traffic laws that protect existing neighborhoods from being overwhelmed by excessive population, traffic, stores and businesses? Consideration for those who live in a particular neighborhood isn’t a new concept.

  3. The stupidity is that instead of a simple right turn, you would have to make a right turn a block before, followed by an immediate left across the opposing traffic which is already congested at the intersection, then another right at the next corner.

    If there is any safety improvement to be made it should start with strict enforcement of people running the red lights on the avenues crossing Ocean Parkway. every time the light turns red, at least 2-3 more cars continue through the intersection even as bicyclist and pedestrians are already beginning to cross the street. I particularly observe this every single day at Avenues I & J. They should put red light cameras there.


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