VP Biden Now Takes Aim At Romney


joe-bidenVice President Biden took aim at GOP front-runner Mitt Romney on Tuesday night, saying the former Massachusetts governor and other GOP candidates “have a fundamentally different view of this country and what will make it great.”

Speaking to New Hampshire Democrats on a video teleconference from Washington, Biden said Romney’s comments on Monday – when he said “I like being able to fire people” – was “probably taken out of context.”

But his over-arching point was not, the vice president said.
“He thinks it’s more important for the stockholders and the shareholders and the investors and the venture capital guys to do well [than] for those employees to be part of the bargain,” he said.

“We inherited a broken bargain,” Biden continued. “A deal our parents didn’t have to face. Middle-class folks, if you gave them an even chance, they got to share in the benefits they helped to produce for this country. That bargain was broken during the Bush years and we were determined to fix it.”

The vice president said “the other side” doesn’t understand the concept of the broken bargain.

“Listen to Mitt Romney,” Biden said. “He has no idea the bargain even exists, let alone is broken. How else can you say the best way to fix the financial crisis is by letting it all go down to the bottom?”

During the 20-minute call, Biden promised to return to the Granite State along with four other states as he and Obama rev up their campaign this year.

“The country is ready to move,” he said. “We just got to clear the brush out of the way here.”

{The Hill/Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. do you know what he is talking about i do not -i believe obama chose him to ensure obama remains not touched if you know what i mean

  2. Reb Joe,

    All you can do is what your boss has taught you to do (and what he has been doing for the last 3 years is BLAME GAME!! STOP the “we inherited” garbage!! If you cant fix this economy then tell your boss to quit!!!

    Also, Mr. Vice Pres.

    Be careful when taking aim at Mr. Romney because if he or anyone of your supporters (you dont really have any) took aim at you, you would probably be embarrassed to wake up in the morning. thats because how useful and what an asset you have been to our wonderful Government for the last 3+ years.


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