Videos, Photos: Modzitzer Rebbe in Lakewood


modzitzer-rebbe[Videos and photos below.] The Modzitzer Rebbe is currently in the United States for a brief visit. The Rebbe was in Flatbush until Thursday afternoon, at which time he traveled to Lakewood, NJ. The Rebbe will be returning to Flatbush before heading back to Eretz Yisroel this Wednesday.

In Lakewood, the Rebbe has been hosted by Rabbi & Mrs. Menachem Spiegel. This past Thursday evening, the Rebbe gave a Chumash & Rashi shiur at the home of Rabbi & Mrs. Dovid Maryles.

Last night, a melava malka was held at the home of Rabbi Y. Y. Stendig. A packed crowd gathered for the classic Modzitzer melava malka, with the participation of a group of Modzitzer chassidim and baalei menagnim and special guest Rav Ben Zion Shenker.

This first video was taken at the Chumash shiur at the home of Rabbi & Mrs. Dovid Maryles. Click to watch:

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The following video is from last night’s melava malka at the home of Rabbi Y. Y. Stendig. Seen next to the Rebbe is the renowned Modzitzer baal menagein, Rav Ben Zion Shenker. Click below to watch:

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For photos of the Chumash shiur, see below:

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For photos of the melava malka, see below:

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