Videos, Photos: Estimated 7,000 Attend Hachnosas Sefer Torah and Opening of Beth Medrash Govoha’s Kleinman Campus


kleinman-bmg[Over 150 photos and three videos below.] Yesterday, at what was the largest Hachnosas Sefer Torah event in the history of the Ihr HaTorah of Lakewood, some 6-7,000 men, women and children took part, together with the roshei yeshiva and mashgiach of Beth Medrash Govoha, as well as rabbonim and poskim from throughout the town, for the pesichah of the Kleinman Family Campus of BMG and a Hachnosas Sefer Torah dedicated by the Kleinman family.

The Kleinman Campus was acquired by the yeshiva through the generous support of  Mr. and Mrs. Elly and Brochie Kleinman, and is dedicated in memory of Mr. Kleinman’s father, R’ Avrohom Kleinman z”l, and Mrs. Kleinman’s father, R’ Mendel Indig z”l

The yeshiva‘s third and newest campus fills a square block between Eleventh and Carey Streets to the south and north, and Forest and Madison Avenues to the west and east. 

The day’s events left the town of Lakewood uplifted and inspired, as kavod haTorah was on full display.

Shortly after noon, the final letters in the new Sefer Torah were written at the home of Rebbetzin Rischel Kotler on Fifth Street. Following a minyan for Minchah in the Rebbetzin’s home, the Sefer Torah was danced up Fifth Street, then up Private Way, and through the yeshiva parking lot, where the Sefer Torah was greeted by thousands of talmidei hayeshiva waiting to begin the formal procession. The procession, which grew as it went along, went east on Seventh Street, and then north on Forest Avenue to the new campus at Eleventh Street and Forest Avenue.

Music was played by Rabbi Yehoshua Ausfresser and singing was provided by Achim Brodt.

Numerous people were given the Sefer Torah to dance with, while thousands formed their own circles along Forest Avenue. Women and children came out of the nearby home and lined the sidewalks as they watched the great honor being accorded to the newly completed Sefer Torah. It was a site to behold.

Once the procession arrived at the Kleinman campus, the Sefer Torah was brought inside. The new bais medrash, which normally holds about 700 people, accommodated hundreds more, as every square inch was taken. Rav Malkiel Kotler and the Novominsker Rebbe addressed the assemblage, as did Mr. Elly Kleinman. A seudah was then held in a specially erected tent outside.

Thousands of special pastrami sandwiches, prepared by the BMG kitchen, were distributed for the talmidim of the yeshiva in a room adjacent to the bais medrash. In addition to these beautifully and deliciously prepared packages, cake and soda was provided as well.

Over 150 photos of the event can be seen below:

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Videos of the event are below:

This first video shows the procession leaving the home of Rebbetzin Rishel Kotler, proceeding to the original campus of Beth Medrash Govoha, and then making its way to the new Kleinman campus.

[media id=303 width=400 height=300]

This second video provides an amazing rooftop view of the thousands of men dancing as the procession approaches the Kleinman campus:

[media id=304 width=400 height=300]

This third video shows the Sefer Torah being placed in the Schron Aron Kodesh in the new Forest Avenue bais medrash at the Kleinman campus, and the susequent program, including remarks from Rav Malkiel Kotler, the Novominsker Rebbe and Mr. Elly Kleinman:

[media id=305 width=400 height=300]

{Dovid Newscenter, with assistance from the Lakewood News Team}


  1. this was truly big but i remember when sheldon beren of blessed memory made an hachnosas sefer torah the streets where full from yeshivah till seventh and from seventh till ninth st


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