Video: Yitzy from Bagel Nosh: 5,000 Donuts Sold a Day During Chanukah


bagel-nosh-yitzy[Video below.] Bagel Nosh is one of the older and more established stores in Lakewood, NJ, and well known for its delicious bagels and baked goods. Bagel Nosh is where “Everything is better on a bagel!”

In the following video, taken by Simchavision for, you are given a peek into the operations at Bagel Nosh, where some 5,000 donuts are sold a day during the week of Chanukah. During Chanukah, has learned, two bakers put in 18 hour shifts just making donuts at Bagel Nosh.

This brief video features comments by the beloved Yitzy Lomnitz, otherwise known as “Yitzy from Bagel Nosh,” who has been working at Bagel Nosh for over 15 years and is one of the most recognized faces in town, as well as Pedro, another dedicated worker at the store.  

 Click below to watch:

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