Video: Win a Brand New Tesla Model S


2015-tesla-model-sMuch as we’d like to bury our heads in the (beach) sand and avoid thinking about it, summer truly is winding down. And Labor Day is just around the corner. Which means…The Tesla raffle drawing is just three weeks away!

And perfect timing, too. With Yom Tov season approaching, the Chicago Chesed Fund is gearing up to distribute food packages and sorely needed cash to thousands of frum families, while simultaneously funding tens of other programs, all aimed at helping struggling families back on their feet.

The organization is raffling off a brand new Tesla Model S to raise funding for its klal work: You can enter the raffle here to win the highly coveted all-electric luxury sedan. But hurry! The drawing will take place in only three weeks, on Labor Day.

It’s Chodesh Elul, and we are all looking for extra merits. Make a donation now to help your fellow Yidden. And who knows? You may be the lucky winner!


{ Newscenter}


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