Video: Vehi She’amda


vehi-small1[Video below.] The following moving song, Vehi She’amda, was composed by Yonatan Razel and sung by Yaakov Shwekey at a musical event in Eretz Yisroel last year. We present a video of the song here in honor of Pesach and the appropriateness of the words. The song was recorded in Caesarea and is sung by Yonatan and Shwekey with the accompaniment of a large philharmonic orchestra directed by Yochi Briskman. The song was arranged by Yonatan Razel as well.  The video can be watched below or at the right side of this screen in much viewed “Featured Video” section.

This song is one of the most beautiful compositions released this year, along with Yossi Green’s anovim.

To watch, click below:

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  1. the song anovim was composed about 10 years ago.and at the mbd 25 anniversary concert,mbd sang it wit yossi green so it not a new realase sorry!!!

    Dovid Bernstein responds:What you state is all true, but it was not released on an official album until this year, with Yossi Green’s “8th Note.” It is thus referred to as a recent release, even though it was composed years ago.


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