Video: The Fogel Family Hy”d in Happier Times


fogel[Video below.] The mourning members of the Fogel family who escaped the terrorist slaughter of their family have released footage of their loved ones in happier times. As all of the Jewish people mourn with the survivors, they also can join the survivors in recalling joy.

Rabbi Udi Fogel, his wife Ruth, and three of their six small children – Elad, Yoav and baby Hadas – were butchered by Arab terrorists as they lay in their beds Friday night.

Click below to watch:

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{Arutz Shevah/}


  1. this video made me cry!!! its soooo sad to see them having such a great time as a nice warm family, and now that family is completely destroyed.

  2. Eini Eini Yarda Moyim!! Our happiness has turned to mourning. I have no words other than to echo those of the Prophets when they said “May you find comfort amongst the mourners of Zion”. Today I in America, half a globe away, are more keenly aware of my status as a mourner of Zion. May G-D avenge their blood and comfort the family. Let it be soon, when a new day will arise above Zion and we all merit Moshiach Tzidkeinu Bemiheira!

  3. Beautiful mishpacha. May hashem give the older daughter Tamar much strength to take over with the help of the grandparents.

    Simple, Torahdik and full of Simchah.

  4. Wow. Chilling to hear in the background the singing of the words ” V’Nahapoch Hu…Asher Yishletu HaYehudim Hema B’Sonayhem”. May that time come soon!

  5. This video to me is metaphorical. They’re happy lives were getting happier and happier as they were “building” their family and they were going “higher and higher”, until it all came crashing down. Nebach nebach, Hashem Yinkom Damam and may the remaining of the mishpacha have koach to continue.

  6. al ayleh ani bochea! the horrors of horrors cannot be described. that such a sick thing can happen is not in our understanding. Only Hashem knows why such animals were able to do this. May Hashem give the survivors the strength to continue, and may such tzaros never befall klall yisroel agian.


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