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Telshe Cleveland-The Vision Takes Root from Studio 7 Productions on Vimeo.

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  1. A very nice and well done vision. However I feel that that there should have been much more said (and memorialized) about our great roshei yeshiva and rabbeim zichronum livracha.
    (And those that are still with us leorech yamim veshanim.
    The current hanhalla certainly deserve our admiration but they are standing upon the shoulders of the past roshei yeshiva and that was not brought out.
    I’m picturing in my mind the mizrach vant of my years in the yeshiva. UNBELIEVABLE!!! such great people in so many ways. I believe no yeshiva in the world has or had such an amount of greatness in one place.
    Who can forget the fire of Torah that rav gifter gave over together with his ahava. Which can forget reb boruch with his quick tefissa and humor. Who can forget reb chaim with his “chasidishe tinge” reb pesach with such softness. Reb eizik never a bad word out of him. I can go on and on. I was zoche to have a kesher with all of them. (I also gained tremendously from yedidi reb dovid Goldberg. And yedidi reb shloms.
    What about reb Levi (shlita) and reb elya galupkin.

  2. I am zoche to spend time learning in that great Bais Medrash whenever I visit Family in Cleveland. Everything that was said in the video is %100 true. I do agree with comment #2. There is so much rich Torah/History in that Makom. Sitting in the Bais Medrash, one can just imagine/feel the Hashruas Hashchina that is still there. I am always Michuzack when I learn there & always leave, a better person. I wish them A lot of Hatzlacha going forward.


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