Video: Steve Nash Visits Camp Simcha


steve-nash-camp-simcha[Video below.] Two-Time NBA MVP Steve Nash graciously gave of his time and visited with the children of Camp Simcha Special, an overnight camp for children with debilitating chronic conditions, where he gave a basketball clinic, signed autographs, and delivered an inspirational address in Camp Simcha’s gym.

Each summer, 400 seriously ill children are treated to unforgettable, medically supervised overnight camp experiences at Camp Simcha, for children battling cancer and other hematological illnesses, and Camp Simcha Special, for children with debilitating chronic conditions.

At Camp Simcha and Camp Simcha Special, children and teens trade hospital rooms and doctors’ offices for fun, friendship, and hope for the future. Campers enjoy traditional camp activities in fully handicapped-accessible facilities. Talent shows, concerts, and helicopter, hot-air, and motorcycle rides make every day super-special.

Campers return home reinvigorated, with deep friendships and happy memories to help them travel the rough road ahead.

Camp Simcha is a program of Chai Lifeline.

Click below for a video of Nash’s visit:

[media id=1210 width=400 height=300]

{Noam Newscenter/Video Footage & Editing by Akiva Bomzer. Additional Video Footage by Yossi Stern & Dovid Rapps}



    Mr. Nash, thank you for bringing cheer and smiles to the kids at Camp Simcha. You’re a good man!

  2. oh! how i miss camp simcha days!! the most fulfilling and fun time of any1’s life! ..silly commentors, camp simcha has a very diverse group of campers, and they aim to make EVERYBODY happy. have no fear, they bring in plenty of big rabbi’s to satisfy those who are interested in that, and they aim to bring in those who will make the others hapy as well. kol hakovod!

  3. why would you assume that they dont ? did you know that the next gadol hador, Rav eiytan feiner shlita is in camp every day? did you know that rebbes visit the camp regularly? did you know that many of the campers are less religious and might come from more secularized homes than your close minded daled amos?

  4. Jewish or not who cares!!! He is a person of great feeling who gave his time to kids who need the extra smiles they deal enough with the serious things in life. We need to appreciate the good anyone does and need to put ourselves in the position to do good! Camp Simcha helps all those in need from all walks of life without making value judgements.

  5. To #8
    What a stupid statement! Did you watch the video? Did you see the smiles on the kids faces? Are you aware that Rabbonim also visit? Think before you write something. Having said all that I believe you’re not a bad guy but maybe sheltered a little too much.

  6. Being a basketball fan myself, I can tell you that Steve Nash is one of the nicest and classiest players. Kol Hakavod to him for doing such a good thing and putting smiles on kids faces.

  7. To #8: because they tend to be boring, rehash old ideas and don’t know when to end. Nash is exciting fresh breath. He’s the most, and possibly only well-read NBA player who takes novels to read on road trips while his teammates all play violent video games. He’s very literate and well spoken which makes him stand out amongst NBA players and as well amongst the speakers you suggest.

  8. OK, I’m going to be the bad guy here. I’m not commenting on Mr Nash’s personal character… but… is this what we really want? what we should be celebrating? Is this the kind of hero we want our kindelach to have?

    Surely we can do better than this.

  9. After hearing all the opinions,Number 20 sums it up in a nutshell!! And I think we should strive to be like number 11 where you can see the clarity and ahavas yisroel shining through!


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