Video: Solomon’s $12 Campaign Comes to an End


avi-solomon[Video below.] The $12-and-a-dream campaign has come to an end.

A few months ago, Lakewood, NJ, resident Avi Solomon launched his candidacy for General Assembly of the 30th District of New Jersey. In the following video, Solomon concedes victory to Assemblyman Ronald Dancer and Assemblyman Joseph Malone who defeated him in yesterday’s primary election. Also, for the first time, Solomon states here on that he will not be running for any additional office in Lakewood, NJ, and possibly in the entire state of New Jersey. He will, however, be devoting his efforts to ensuring that Governor Jon Corzine does not get reelected to the governorship of the Garden State in this November’s election. Corzine, Solomon says, represents everything he opposes in politics.

To watch the video, click below:

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  1. come on you are like all the other politicians who say they wont run ie hilary gulliani etc….we know what will happen next

  2. Bottom line. Solomon ran a campaign on twenty bucks, and received almost 1,400 votes!!

    One day, you might just get someone a bit more sophisticated, with a little more money to spread his message. The oilam is truly sick and tired of the status-quo, and will eventually get true representation on all the issues.

    That day may not be far off…

  3. Kol Hakavod Avi! You told me that you knew that you wouldn’t win yet you ran anyway. By doing so you definitely accomplished two thing, spreading more awareness of the problems that face NJ and that there is such a thing as being a Rav Avigdor Miller Zatzal conservative Republican. Perhaps you could devote a column in the Shopper to what that means. Kol tuv, beracha vehatzlocho!

  4. When I said that I won’t run again for a political office in Lakewood, NJ I meant it. Lakewood politics along with the rest of NJ are too corrupt for my liking. I want to be 80 years old and be able to look at myself in the mirror knowing that I lived an honest life. So those who doubt me, I assure you I will not be running for office in Lakewood, NJ ever again.

  5. ss, Avi perpesents Torah-true community; Corzine represents “wall street”, “goldman sachs” with their luxury, V.I.P., znus, toeiva, nevoloh, kiah and, never forget, gneiva and gzeilah.
    Boldness & Beard might be decent personally but his “svivah”, “shoichnim” are the worst of the worst.

  6. Avi was the voice and face for many of us who feel disenfranchised with the status quo of the “vaad” and the current business as usual in Lakewood and Jackson.
    Thanks for running, Avi!


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