Video: Rav Dovid Schustal Addresses Parlor Meeting for Mishpachas Wallis


rav-dovid-schustal-with-rav-wallis[Video below.] Last night, a parlor meeting was held to raise funds for the family of R’ Yisroel Asher Wallis. The event took place at the home of Rav Leizer Susna in Lakewood. The Wallis case was reported in the past here on (see a comprehensive report here), but has received more prominent coverage in Eretz Yisroel, where the State of Israel brought forth a case of alleged abuse against R’ Yisroel Asher Wallis, a young Yerushalmi father whose baby died, r”l.

Just before Pesach of 2006, R’ Yisroel Asher was holding his crying three-month-old child in his tiny apartment, trying to rock the baby to sleep. The baby unexpectedly slipped from his hands, and banged his head on the wall before hitting the floor. The baby seemed limp. R’ Yisroel hastened to the emergency room, where the severity of his baby’s condition became apparent to the heartbroken father. The conscientious yungerman maintained a bedside vigil for nearly ten days, until, tragically, his infant son passed away.

The tactics used on R’ Yisroel Asher, falsely accused of murdering his child, are well documented. He was not allowed any visitors and was told that nobody wanted to visit him, in order to break his spirit. A smear campaign by the secular authorities ensued.

One year ago, R’ Yisroel Asher was sentenced to six years in prison. The details of the case, and the unproven charges against R’ Yisroel Asher, have been reported at length. At this point, caring Yidden have focused their efforts on trying to alleviate some of the financial burden currently faced by the Wallis family.

R’ Yisroel Asher’s father, Rav Benzion Wallis, has undertaken responsibility on his son’s behalf.

At the parlor meeting last night, the assemblage heard remarks from Rav Benzion Wallis, who described some of the history of this case and the current predicament that R’ Yisroel Asher finds himself in, with another five years in prison. R’ Yisroel Asher’s wife and their second child – the niftar had been their bechor – have also come to the United States.

Following Rav Wallis’ heartfelt remarks, Rav Leizer Susna, the host, described the pidyon shvuyim efforts of local Lakewood yungeleit, who are doing all they can to assist this family during their time of pain and need.

Rav Dovid Schustal, rosh yeshiva of Bais Medrash Govoah, also addressed the parlor meeting, stressing that the predicament of a yochid is the concern of all of Klal Yisroel. He referred to the Wallis case as an “alilas dam,” a blood libel, and urged all who can to participate in assisting this choshuveh mishpacha get through this most difficult time and to help alleviate some of the discomforts of prison by ensuring that R’ Yisroel Asher has proper food and the ability to speak via telephone with his wife.

The askanim are working to raise funds to make life a bit easier for R’ Yisroel Asher. The money that is raised will pay for the cost of the telephone calls to the prison – about $200 a month – as well as Shabbos food for R’ Yisroel Asher, mortgage payments, and other basic needs for his family.

Please daven for R’ Yisroel Asher ben Rivkah.

Contribution toward this important tzedakah may be sent to Rabbi Bentzion Wallis, c/o R’ Yitzchok Rosengarten, 64 East 9th Street, Lakewood, NJ 08701.

For a video of some of last night’s remarks, click below. The first speaker is the host, Rav Leizer Suana. He is followed in the video by Rav Benzion Wallis and Rav Dovid Schustal.

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