Video, Photos: Rav Yitzchok Dov Koppelman in Eretz Yisroel


rav-koppelman[Video and photos below.] Rav Yitzchok Dov Koppelman, the zekan roshei hayeshivos, the venerated senior rosh yeshiva of our time, is currently in Eretz Yisroel, where he traveled to attend the wedding of a talmid last night at the Nof Illit Hall.

Rav Koppelman, who is said to be 104 years old, is the rosh yeshiva of the Lucerne Yeshiva in Switzerland. At last night’s wedding, to the delight of the large crowd, Rav Koppelman shared words of chizuk and hisorerus for the chosson and kallah.

Rav Koppelman, a prime disciple of Rav Shimon Shkop zt”l in Grodno, established his first yeshiva in Heida before World War II. In 1946, he established Yeshiva Eitz Chaim in Kopela, and the yeshiva later moved to Wilrijk, Belgium. Rav Koppelman then established Yeshiva Shaarei Yosher in Williamsburg, which later moved to and is presently in Boro Park.

Rav Koppelman later established the yeshiva in Lucerne, Switzerland. He continues to give regular daily shiurim and is in the bais medrash most hours of the day, making himself fully accessible to his talmidim.

Click below for a video of Rav Koppelman speaking at the wedding last night:

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See below for photos:

{Yair Israel}


  1. Wow!
    What I want to know, is who the talmid is, that he managed to get his 104 year old (tzu lange gezunte yahr) Rosh Yeshiva to fly to EY for his wedding?! Is he a future Gadol? What’s the story?

  2. So how old is the gaon?
    My Rav is in his early 80 BLI AYIN HARA and has great grandchildren and was Hagaon Rav Koppleman Shlitta talmid.


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