Video, Photos: Rabbonim, Dignitaries, Musicians Attend Wedding of Singer Motty Steinmetz in Nes Tziyona


motty steinmetz



{ Israel/Photos: Bechadrei Chareidim}


  1. #1- not sure what your issue is. My thought is Motty Steinmetz is liked and admired by so many of us all over. Many of us who love his voice and appreciate his singing wish we could have been there at his wedding so seeing pictures and some video is definitely very appreciated. Much like #1 you missed your best friend’s wedding and you’d be happy to see some pictures and a little video. Well its the same thing here, only here you’re a little jealous. ..admit it..

  2. Mazel tov, Motty and Kallah.


    1., What is the Kallah’s name?

    2 Why is Motty’s left arm not in his Kapolta sleeve during the chuppah? I have seen pictures of other Chassidim who don’t put their arm in the coat sleeve so just want to understand the reason. I am not being critical.

    3. Best wishes to Motty and his Kallah for a happy, fulfilling marriage blessed with GEFEN, parnasa, nachas, hatzlacha rabba, many healthy children, love, and joy. Mazel tov.

  3. Number 4
    Just because number 1 shows disdain for copying the goyisha magazines doesnt mean he is jealous! This superficiality in jewish culture is almost laughable have you ever picked up a jewish magizine? All shine no substance most of the time.


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