Video, Photos: Lakewood Township Honors Soldiers on Memorial Day


lakewood-township-committee-memorial-day[Video and photos below.] Lakewood, NJ – Lakewood Township showed its support of all veterans and those men and women now serving in the military at its traditional Memorial Day ceremonies today, starting with the “Raising of the American Flag” ceremony at Lakewood’s Town Square on Clifton Avenue.

The parade began at 10:15 a.m. and passed the Review Stand on its way down Clifton Avenue to the All War Memorial Amphitheater at Lake Carasaljo off of North Lake Drive, where the Memorial Day program took place.

Mayor R’ Menashe Miller, who is a Major and chaplain with the U.S. Air Force, was joined at the ceremony by State Senator Bob Singer, Chaplain Raphael Berdugo, the other Lakewood Committeeman, Police Chief Rob Lawson and others.

See below for photos of the parade:

Click below for video clips:

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  1. When vets returned from Viet Nam during the early 70’s there were “Get Out of Viet Nam” protests all over the country. Hippies and other ‘smelly’ humans roamed the streets of every major city in the US.

    Those returning from VN were easily identified by our short haircuts vs. the long hair that the smelly hippies wore. When we were identified by these creatures on the street or on a bus they would spit on us and sometimes they would even physically attack us. I even had my Yarika knocked off my head or stollen by these low-lifes.

    The Viet Nam war was not a popular war but these smelly hippies took their frustrations out on the returning soldiers. The general public didn’t respond or try to help at all.
    (Except for the ‘red-necks’ in the south)

  2. To Wow: you need to brush up on history. Vietnam vets were treated horribly when they returned. It was an era of anti-war, anti- government, anti-authority protests.

    To Frum vet: Were you frum at the time? Most frum men got a yeshiva draft deferrement. The vietnam war, more than anything else, was what stared today’s kolel movement. Yes, we still had the draft. But the draft was deferred for those in yeshiva.

  3. I had few problems remaining frum from Basic Training through being Honorably Discharged 3 1/2 years later. There were some ‘challenges’.

    I worked and attended Bais Medrish. I enlisted because I wanted to do a Kiddush Hashem and I believe I was very successful in educating Yidden in Yiddishkeit and goyim in what a Torah Jew is all about. I did have some weaknesses but we won’t go there! All in all it was a successful venture and I’m glad that I was zoyche to accomplish what I did.

    I am still involved with helping and educating individuals who would not otherwise get the help that they need or the education that they should have.

    I’ve always felt that since we said “Naseh V’Nishma” at Har Sinai, we should not just sit and learn and dream about what we learned but “Naseh”, do something about it! Digest what you’ve learned, go out and do Chesed. Share your Torah with all Yidden! (and goyim when appropriate)

  4. Dear Frum VN Vet,

    HOOAH from Iraq. Thank you for your service and for being MeKadesh Shem Shamayim. Tragically, too many people, including the Torah community, are not aware of the terrible injustices and maltreatment that our Brothers In-Arms dealt with when you all returned home.

    To WOW: Please don’t take this personally but I would urge you to spend time studying some history. Please read about the transitions of the American peoples’ attitudes particularly from the outset of Viet Nam to it’s conclusion.


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