Video: Yidden Overcharged for Pesach Car Washes Caught On Tape


[Video below.] NYC car-wash1Councilman David G. Greenfield is asking the Department of Consumer Affairs to investigate whether some car washes in Brooklyn are overcharging for pre-Pesach cleanings. It is well known throughout the frum community that area car washes run “Passover Specials,” but it isn’t clear whether these limited-time offerings are a bargain or a way for local businesses to take advantage of a particular segment of the community. See our earlier full report here.

Photojournalist Shimon Gifter caught the price gouging on tape. Click below to watch:

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  1. I don’t know…

    I was by a car wash out of town and I watched how the frum Yidden were driving the shchorim crazy to get out “every crumb.”

    I fully understand why they charge thew “jewish” people an extra few bucks!!

    I personally tipped the guys a very nice tip and they were more than happy to get out m y crumbs. Many other frumer were not tipping at all!!

    You want the service, you gotta pay fore it!!

  2. Bunch of lazy good for nothings! Every year we clean out both our vehicle’s by ourselves! Wow. Shocking! Only people who have gelt to throw away go to car washes. They are probably Hotel goer’s.

  3. i got an oil change today at jiffy lube and they vacuumed the car for free. plus a coupon for a free regular car wash. i was told at the car wash that the coupon takes ten dollars off the pesach cleaning special. so i paid thirty for it. frankly it was well worth it. they took out the seats and cleaned extremely thoroughly. much better than i could have and it relieved alot of headache.

  4. Dear other side of the story:
    How dare you make the statements against the frum. Paying $100 for a ten dollar car wash is not a rip off. Why do you have to bash the frum. Why do you make it sound like the jews are ripping off and making the blacks work harder. Maybe its their boss of the car wash that is doing it. Shame on you.
    I hope you feel good that you gave your $2.00 tip.
    Wow, you are such a kiddish Hashem. If we had 10 such jews like you Mosheach would be here already.
    [The problem is we have hundreds like you]
    A freilichen pesach to all the good yiden you work so hard to clean for pesach.

  5. I’m not sure what the issue is. Peasch car washes are NOT regular car washes. They need more careful vacuuming!! If u don’t like it, do it urself.

  6. I’m not sure what the issue is. Peasch car washes are NOT regular car washes. They need more careful vacuuming!! If u don’t like it, do it urself.

  7. Someone should do what we have here in Lakewood. frum guys come to your house and for a decent fee they clean your car for Pesach the way only a frum Jew can! You might not have driveways like we do here in New Jersey, but these guys can do it on the street. (some of them set up shop in an empty parking lot and you bring your car to them.) I’m surprised noone thought of it by you yet.


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