Video: NY Rescue Team Amzingly Finds Haitian Children In Rubble On Day 7


haiti9[Incredible rescue videos below.] They knew the children were in there. They knew they were alive, buried for a week under the rubble of the collapsed three-story building in the devastated capital of Haiti. And they knew they were in a race against time. A joint NYPD-FDNY rescue team started to search around 5 p.m. Tuesday, using a camera on a pole to locate two children. They worked non-stop, for four hours, and then, a miracle…

The team of New York City rescuers pulled an 8-year-old boy and his 10-year-old sister from beneath the collapsed building. The boy, lifted from the debris, threw up his arms in a triumphant, joyful demonstration of relief.

The 76 member team left Brooklyn for Haiti last Thursday, with determination and hope they could make a difference.

“It’s catastrophic. What you’ve seen on television so far is incredible, and hopefully we’ll make a difference,” said Det. Scott Roberts.

And what a difference they have made. The two rescued children were reunited and treated for dehydration before being reunited with their families.

The boy, Moses, and his sister were treated for trauma, but had no visible signs of injury, leaving even the experts to marvel at the stunning turn of events.

“I cannot explain medically or psychologically how it happened,” said Dr. Oded Biton. “Maybe it’s a miracle. Someone upstairs loves them very much.”

Click below to watch a video of the rescue:

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Click below for another amazing rescue on Day 7:

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{Noam Newscenter}


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