Video: Musicians in Training Perform at Bar Mitzvah


Students of Mr. Wertzbergr’s Music School (718-435-1923) in Boro Park performed LaHashem at a recent bar mitzvah.

May they go meichayil el choyil.




  1. This is great. Hashem is real and the music is very much part of the human world we WILL enjoy.

    I would love to donate to a yeshiva music program. It would be a great thing to know that the world is not just the worth of just the study. Music can be the most free thoughtful experience in a human being’s life and he must find that the world can congregate with the innocent mind that knows fate.

    This is great. I would not having limited experience know that our yidden of the chassidic sects are doing music education. These men to be are very well valued by the experience they earn. This is very neat and I am learning more about Torah just reading Matzav daily.



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