Video: John McCain On Brussels Attacks: “We Have to Kill Them”


Senator John McCain appeared on Fox New’s “Your World with Neil Cavuto” today and commented on the Brussels attacks.

“It’s not that we’re doing nothing,” he said, “but nothing that we have done has really restrained in any way the activities of [ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-] Baghdadi and ISIS. And these attacks will continue and there will be more San Bernardino’s if we don’t go in and take them out. We have a lot of work to do. A whole lot of work to do. The first step has to be to kill them where they are instead of them coming to the United States and killing us where we are.”




  1. Really, its that bad. The McCain idea of justice is not always the maverick in good sense all the time, but in reality it is a maverick we can hope to trust as he has good jurisdiction humor.

    Still, one must think we must do more than just kill a terrorist. We must use conversation, human limited resources and rightful plans to make the marketplace, the home, the world and the community safer.

    Mr. McCain is very austere and conditional, but one must look at the idea that just making the idea prevalent that we “must kill them” is too agitating to the entire conversation that one can have with the islamic faith today.

    The terror is not making any man or woman more constrained today in who they vote for and the risk of a Trump future is very dangerous.

    Still, we must have many programs to infiltrate the terrorist community, give them common incentive to change their ways and follow other leaders and find right voice.

    There is no reason why the young islamic youth must find hate in the future by which he has only the look of enmity for his soul. It goes without common sense that the entire terror empire must be disbanded and indeed, there are many who should be killed or incarcerated.

    Lets make it happen.



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