Video: It’s Purim: Do You Know Where Your Kids Are?


purim1[Video below.] readers are urged to watch the video below, which raises awareness regarding children and the dangers of drinking on Purim.

All are urged to be especially cautious about alcohol consumption this Motzoei Shabbos and Sunday.

There have been many stories of the tragic results of Purim drinking, and it is important to reiterate that Purim is a time for fun and celebration, not for tragic consequences. Less known is the fact that it is against the law for an adult to knowingly provide alcohol to individuals who are underage.

To watch, click below:

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{Yossi Newscenter}


  1. What is the deal with “talking with love” to your kids? When I was young I was yelled at when I messed up or did something wrong. We are so sensitive today, parents cannot yell at their kids, cannot hit them. What a messed up society we live in

  2. we must be very strict against wine,booz… no “love talk”, sturn,strict… you must convey the message that this is no light matter or joke, stay safe and a happy purim!

  3. Eli,

    You are complaining because people say its wrong to hit kids and yell at them from a place of anger? What exactly about talking to your kids with love are you so against? If you feel like hitting them, do the world a favor and don’t have them. Its so hard for you to talk to your kids with love? I feel sorry for your children that you have such a terrible outlook on parenting.

  4. Besides for the Yarlmulkes the boys are wearing, this video has no semblance of Yiddishkeit, whatsoever. From the clinking of the glasses, the high fiving, the message of “talk to your kids with love, the video is a copy of the thousands of anti drinking goyisha videos around. Feh.

  5. #6, Stop being a fool and putting words in my mouth. I never said to hit a child out of the blue. But when a child does something irresponsible and dangerous, hitting and yelling is in order. I was raised that way along with 9 of my other siblings, and we all turned out just fine. When parents are too soft and afraid to disopline the right way, then there is trouble

  6. DEAR RAV:
    your a genius, your smart,complex,you know your stuff, everyone clap for a “the rav” that caught a spelling mistake in a comment, wow, know-one noticed it or no one wanted to look foolish and make a comment like yours! The comment that “what” made was to the point, no booz and we must be stern and tough on drinking throught the whole year and mostly on purim. Drinking/drunkness can cause harmful things to the body and can and has before caused death-so stay safe and sober this purim! HAPPY PURIM!


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