Video: Israel Aims to Send Robot to the Moon


Space IL, alongside Moon Express from America, are the final two of 30 privately-funded teams from around the world remaining in Google’s Lunar X Prize competition, reports CNN.

Space IL was the first team to reserve its launch prior to the race’s deadline of Dec. 31, 2017, and is focused not on the $20 million grand prize money (compared to the estimated $140 billion it costs to put a man on the moon), but rather putting “Israeli technology on the moon next to Russia, the Americans, and China,” says Space IL CEO Eran Privman.

Placing Israeli start-up technology on the lunar surface would be a phenomenal achievement for the young state and would possibly bring in outside investment in future technology used in space exploration.




    • That’s a pretty broad question, so the answer depends on each individual case. Research and development, even in National Security, generally does not override Shabbos, while operations sometimes do.

      Consult your local posek before you hit the “launch” button.


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