Video: Hisorerus from Rabbi Eytan Feiner: “Approaching Adversity and Life’s Challenges with Simcha”


rabbi-eytan-feiner[Video below.]  For those who know Rabbi Eytan Feiner, he needs no introduction. For those unaware, no words suffice. Rabbi Feiner is one of the brightest young congregational rabbonim in the United States, and has had an astonishing impact on the Five Towns and Far Rockaway areas since taking the position of rov at Cong. Knesseth Israel, otherwise known as The White Shul.

Last July, the shul was revamped with a new hanhalla of young committed members and the shul, led by Rabbi Tuvia Silverstein, Chairman of the Board, and Nesanel Feller, President, were fortunate to come in contact with Rabbi Feiner, a product of the community and son of prominent members Dr. Lenny and Bobbee Feiner. Rabbi Feiner and his rebbetzin, Mrs. Aviva Feiner, had left Eretz Yisroel to seek treatment in New York for their young son, Avrohom Yeshayahu (a well-known story in itself). The White Shul, where Rabbi Feiner grew up, needed a scholar-in-residence for the Yomim Noraim – a shidduch truly made in Heaven (literally).

No one was prepared for the remarkable changes in our shul inspired by the dynamic young couple. To make a long story short, Rabbi Feiner decided to lengthen his commitment for one full year as Visiting Rabbi, and he and the rebbetzin announced their regular schedule of shiurim. Every day of the week suddenly became inspired by their leadership, erudition, warmth, and hospitality. The Feiners have made a mahapeicha, a turn-around of remarkable proportions, at The White Shul.

Rabbi Feiner’s genius and acumen are unparalleled. He weaves together the deepest aspects of Jewish philosophy, Shas and poskim, and even contemporary popular thought and psychology in a seamless continuum of Torah and halacha, giving the listeners a thrilling glimpse of the Ribbono Shel Olam’s Divine fabric of history and mystery. It is not unusual for first-time attendees to leave shaking their heads in awe at the rov‘s incredible command of his subject – all without a single note, a hallmark of every drasha or shiur he gives.

It is with this introduction that we present the following drasha by Rabbi Feiner. A Chai Lifeline presentation, the lecture contains thoughts for the new year. The topic of Rabbi Feiner’s drasha is “Approaching Adversity and Life’s Challenges with Simcha.

To watch and listen, click on the screen below:

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  1. The Rabbi and his wife Aviva are truly missed since they left Eretz Yisroel, it is a delight to hear of his hatzlacha in the Five Towns. A mensch, talmid chocham, baal middos and ehrlichkeit while being NORMAL. Wow, quite a package.

  2. Years ago, my husband and I were mbeemrs of the kehillah of the well-known, outspoken and independent Rabbi Avigdor Miller, zatzal. One day, Rabbi Miller joked: My former shul held a mbeemrship drive. We were driving mbeemrs out. There was some substance to the joke, as Rabbi Miller zatzal actually encouraged some mbeemrs of his previous shul to go to a different shul with a different rabbi, wanting to help that rabbi establish his own kehillah and feeling those people would do better at another shul. However, now whenever my husband and I read about a shul having a mbeemrship drive, we start laughing, thinking not about adding mbeemrs but about driving mbeemrs out.


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