Video: Hannity Volunteers to Be Waterboarded, Olbermann and Fellow Libs Go Nuts


hannity[Video below.] Sean Hannity of the nationally syndicated “Sean Hannity Show” may have said just a little too much. During an interview with Charles Grodin on Wednesday, April 22, Hannity stated that by his own personal definition, waterboarding was not torture, but rather “enhanced interrogation.” Grodin asked Sean Hannity if he would ever consent to be waterboarded, and Sean Hannity responded defiantly: “Sure. Yeah. I’ll do it for charity. I’ll do it for the troops’ families.”

After hearing Sean Hannity’s proclamation, ultra-liberal political commentator Keith Olbermann of MSNBC’s Countdown with Keith Olbermann announced on his program Thursday night that he would like to see Sean Hannity put his money where his waterboarded mouth was. Olbermann pledged that he would donate a thousand dollars to a charity for troops’ families for every second that Sean Hannity was able to last during an actual waterboarding. Olberman went on to proclaim that he would double the amount of the total donation if Sean Hannity admitted after the waterboarding that he feared for his life during the and that waterboarding was in fact torture.

On Monday night’s episode of Countdown, Keith Olberman addressed Sean Hannity again: “My offer still stands. A thousand dollars a second. This is not a stunt nor a game. Prove to those families that you’re a man of your word. In fact, prove you’re a man.” Keith Olbermann went on to interview former Army interrogator Mike Ritz who has performed waterboarding on several occasions as part of a training program. Ritz reported to Keith Olbermann that waterboarding was a “coercive” tactic that he had seen produce totally false confessions from people on multiple occasions. Mike Ritz stated that he would be willing to administer the waterboarding procedure on Sean Hannity. He added: “I’m willing to bet that I can get Sean Hannity to say that Countdown with Keith Olbermann is his favorite show.”

Olbermann has been a vocal supporter of prosecution for government officials who took part in authorizing waterboarding. When President Obama stated that CIA operatives who participated in torturing prisoners would not be prosecuted, Olbermann addressed Obama directly during a special comment, stating: “Mr. President, you’re wrong.”

Olbermann often includes Sean Hannity (whom he frequently refers to as “Hannity the Manatee”) in his nightly list of “Worst Persons in the World.”

As of Monday night, there has been no response to Keith Olbermann’s offer from Sean Hannity’s camp.

To view a video of Hannity’s comment and Olbermann’s response, click below:

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  1. If Mr. Hannity is sincere, let him “put his money where his mouth is” and be waterboarded. After all, the bet is for the benefit of a good cause. If he has the courage, let him do it.

    Unless, of course, Mr. Hannity was just mouthing off, which seems to be an occupational disorder of radio talk show hosts.

  2. Hannity may be a whacko but Olbermann is an atheist Jew. Who brings impurity into the world? Who is a talking and walking Chillul Hashem? OLBERMANN!!! Think about it..

  3. I agree with Mr. Hannity
    I do not believe that waterboarding is torture, maybe it is terrifying and overwhelming and makes one hysterical BUT it is not “torture”
    That is what terrorist and dictatorial (must arab) countries do besides killing you


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