Video: Graham On Face the Nation: Middle East Brighter Than GOP


In an interview today, former Republican presidential candidate and current South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham explained why he is changing his support to Ted Cruz in the GOP race, denouncing Donald Trump as a destructive force in the party. The interview aired on CBS’ “Face the Nation” this morning.

During the interview, Graham suggested that the path forward in the Middle East is brighter than the path of the Republican party if Donald Trump becomes the nominee.

“There’s a pathway forward in the Mideast. I don’t see one right now for the Republican Party. In all seriousness, there are a lot of issues the country will be dealing with in the future. How do you bring a broken and divided country together? Is Mr. Trump the answer to the problems in the Mideast? His foreign policy is gibberish. The Mideast is a mess; the Republican Party is at a tipping point here. But the Mideast politics, to me, seem to be less of a mess right now than the Republican Party, and that’s saying…a lot.”


{ Newscenter}


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