Video: Glenn Beck Quotes Mishpacha to Slam Carson for Endorsing Trump


Glenn Beck slammed former Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson for his endorsement of one-time GOP rival Donald Trump, describing the move as “really remarkable.”

“The guy called you a pedophile,” Beck said on The Glenn Beck Radio Program, reports The Blaze. ”I mean, I can’t imagine somebody saying and inferring that I’m a pedophile and then going, ‘You know what, you know, a lot of things were said’ — no, not that, not that.”

Beck referred to an interview that Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio gave to Mishpacha magazine in which Rubio defended his harsh rhetoric against GOP rival Donald Trump by invoking his faith, saying, “Being faithful doesn’t mean you stand behind for what’s untrue and watch it pervade and watch it prevail. I mean, we have a responsibility to tell not just the truth, but to confront what’s not true, to confront what’s bad,” Rubio continued. “And my faith teaches that as well. And I think — you know, clearly Donald Trump is the most vulgar person that’s ever run for president. He’s said some horrifying things about virtually everyone. I think he sets a terrible example for young people in this country and children.”






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