Video: Fox Report On “Moishe’s Bakery” Hamantashen


hamantashen-reportFox News and Good Day New York visited Moishe’s Bakery on the Lower East Side of Manhattan this week to make hamantashen in honor of Purim. The report featured children from the Ramaz school in Manhattan and an inside look into Moishe’s special and exclsuive Hamantashen recipe – which of course could be made public or given to the Good Day New York staff. Watch a segment of the video report by clicking on Matzav’s Featured Video screen at the right side of this page. Enjoy!

{Elisha Newscenter}


  1. whats funny to me is why chasidim change their pronounceation to a litvish prononciation even when speaking to a goy. he said purim not peerim and he said bachah no brucha


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