Video: Fox Report On “Moishe’s Bakery” Hamantashen


hamantashen-reportFox News and Good Day New York visited Moishe’s Bakery on the Lower East Side of Manhattan last year to make hamantashen in honor of Purim. The report featured children from the Ramaz school in Manhattan and an inside look into Moishe’s special and exclsuive Hamantashen recipe – which of course could be made public or given to the Good Day New York staff.

Watch a segment of the video report by clicking below:

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{Dovid Newscenter}


  1. The three corners are to remind us of the avos! (Tamei Haminhagim)

    Their real name is “Mun Tashim” i.e. poppy pockets – because we are to eat seeds or “zaroinim” to remember Daniel v’chaviruv who subsisted on seeds. Somehow in America they erroneously became known as Ha-Mun Tashin and back door silly explanations of Haman’s ‘hat’ (even though ‘tashin’ means pockets!;)

    A freilichin Puriim to all!

  2. The Moishes Bakery on the Lower East Side gets their food from this place. Moishes on the Lower East Side allows a homeless frum guy to sleep in the store overnight. Rabbis have gotten him apartment in Williamsburg but he rather be in the LES. People have confronted the people working in the bakery and they said they have rachmnaus on this poor person. This is not good for buying food for this poor person who does not shower might touch the food overnight since he has a key to the store. This must be stopped.


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