Video: Egypt – How Obama Blew It


egypt how obama blew it[Video below.] Niall Ferguson has written a wonderful Newsweek cover story on how Obama blew it in Egypt. He appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe this morning, and delivered an eloquent and erudite critique of Obama that left the liberal hosts and panel members stunned. The five minutes you spend watching the video below will be well spent and satisfying.

Click below to watch:

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  1. i totally agree with everything he says. Obama has turned america into an OBAMAnation, a country that has gone down in what it offers & does for other countries etc… America has become a country inching closer & closer to becoming a Communist, as things are being limited & watched more & more-that have nothing to do with terrorism-Obama is on everyones back 24-7 for all the bad he has done for the american economy & for his future plans, just be careful his muslim agents are always watching YOU.

  2. Well I suppose that if you choose a corrupt and brutal thug over the people of Egypt then he blew it. However there is another sense in which he at least partially blew it. He could have been forcefully on the side of the people but unfortunately he inherited a dictator-friendly policy from his predecessors. The US has been massively involved in Egypt for decades and Obama or any other president will not be so quick to just abandon the US investment there in the name of democracy (even though that’s what the US preaches).

  3. Of course Obama wanted Mubarak out – Mubarak was at peace with Israel – why dont Liberal Jews realize what this Muslim’s ulterior motives are?

  4. i find it amazing how BHO (AKA obama) has made “history” in Egypt (which was the biggest US validation of Egypt’s dictatorship) just a short while ago….and now in the very same country, those powers vanished!
    Any “blind” man can SEE Hashems hand clearly orchestrating these “powers” as the biggest joke!
    “here today… gone tomorrow”

  5. The Hashgachah is orchestrating a breathtaking, amazing re-shuffeling of power and alliances amongst the nations of the world with Klal Yisrae-l and Eretz Yisrae-l at centerstage.

    1) The US government fights an illusionary nuclear threat in Iraq,together with a retaliatory war in Afghanistan and expends its political capital in a way that disables it from pursuing, and even helps give rise to- the real nuclear threat in Iran.

    2)Backlash against what the US public ultimately sees as an unnecessary war, allows for the election of a totally inexperienced, highly communicative black president with strong leanings toward Islamist ideology.

    3)A 30 year old regime in Egypt of an all-powerful dictatorial president is toppled in a matter of days by a couple of geeks inciting the masses, with an assist from the President of the United States.

    3)Israe-l now finds itself in the most precarious situation it has been in, since the Yom Kippur war.

    One has to be blind not to see the hand of our Tatte preparing for the coming of Moshiach. Let us daven that it should be quickly and with minimal tzaar.

  6. Finally… Finally.. Finally a main steam media personality calling out what is exactly happening in the middle east. I love how they start out saying, “Everything went really well in the Egyptian transition”. What a joke, honestly? Are they just reading from a pre-determined response card and not actually doing their jobs as reporters?

    The Muslim Brotherhood is really bad, including the push of the Iran dictators that believe they are part of the twelvers of Imam. Do your research on the 12th Imam and you will know what I mean.

    Niall, thanks for throwing out an actual researched article on Egypt response from the white house. I couldn’t agree more that everyone handling foreign policy in the white house needs to go! Please fire them all! As Clinton stated back in December, “I am happy with the stability and direction of Bahrain.” Yet, they are now one of the main centers for the continued up rising in the middle east.

    Niall, please keep up the quality reporting as the world, mainly in the US, really needs to informed of the truth.

  7. FINALLY, someone who hasn’t drunk the Obama KoolAid and who has actually read and studied history, particularly Middle East history, who can deliver with firm knowledge and comprehesion a concise critique of exactly what is wrong with America’s foreign policy. Inexperienced spoiled children like Obama and Clinton, running around spouting off rhetoric, look totally foolish to the rest of the world, and represent all Americans as ignorant ‘touchy-feelies’. If other Americans think this is a good thing, they are just as ignorant as Obama and Clinton – and they deserve the whiplash of reality that will rip their supercilious arrogant hearts right out of their hapless brainless bodies. Unfortunately, they will take America, her citizens, and our military into that hellhole of fatuous, self-satisfied ignorance with them.


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