Video: Channel 10 Report On the Bochurim in Japan


japan-boys[Video below.] Israel’s Channel 10 has shown an analysis report of what transpired with the three yeshiva bochurim currently incarcerated in Japan after being arrested for unwittingly smuggling drugs after being duped by someone they knew. The Channel 10 report discusses the possibility of mafia connections, among other things. To read‘s earlier reports about the the case of the three bochurim, click here and here. To watch the Channel 10 video report, click below.


{Yair Newscenter/HT-Rafi G}


  1. Benzion Miller should be exchanged for the bochurim. He and his friends are the real criminals. They should all be made to go to Japan and face the consequences of their heinous acts. The bochurim should be released and the villains should be jailed.
    This should be a lesson to all of us. We should take the blinders off and teach our children that there are plenty of wolves in sheep’s clothing living in our communities. They need to be extremely careful who they befriend.
    One thing I don’t understand is why didn’t they ask a shaila before they undertook this “mission”. When something is too good to be true, it usually isn’t what it’s cracked up to be.

  2. I agree with the above comment. Bebzion should go to jail and let these Bachurim go free. why aren’t they arresting him? He is the criminal, not these Bachurim. Why aren’t more Rabbonim not saying anything? What are they afraid of? These families are in so much pain, all because of this Mishugana Bebzion. Why aren’t the Rabbonim putting him in jail? I just hope that Hashem shows this criminal who is really in charge and gives these Bachurim a Yeshua BeKarov.

  3. I am surprized by the earlier comments. Al pi Torah we know that ain shaliach lidvar averah, and even that is if we accept that importing drugs into Japan is an “averah”. At it’s highest, the sender was o’ver on lifnei iver.

    From the secular perspective, the sender committed no crime on Japanese territory. Further, one cannot be sure whether the sender was or was not duped by anyone who sent him…in other words, he may be as morally culpable as the boys.

    People are far too quick to judge and convict without knowing all the facts. As one comment earlier questions why a shaila wasn’t asked – isn’t that jumping to a conclusion by assuming that a shaila was not asked, and hence the question of why?!

    Yes, we must daven and give tzedah and do zechusim for them. Yes we must cry to Hashem to have rachmonos on our sons and brothers (together with all of us who languish in golus) – but to start creating facts as to what happened and placing blame on another yid is beyond the scope of our abilities. That cannot help their matzav, v’adaraba.

  4. on the above comment from isser: its easy to talk when your life is easy and perfect. When these 3 bachurim are enduring so much pain and imagine their parents(especially if your also a parent)how much tzar they are going through! this bentzion miller should be put in charim and should really get puished for his rushisdiga aveira!!!And may hashem bring a geulah to these 3 boys and to the rest of us-klal yisrael bimhara viyameinu amen!!!

  5. amen! bekarov thats i gotta say an that should be said lan”d a kasherin pesach to unz aleh may we be zoicheh to see these boys come back with the coming of moshiach bimhweirah veyomeinu amen let us all daven what we can an let that be a zchus 4 the poor boys(to say the least) and for gantz klal yisrael ameen!!!!!!!!!


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