Video: Avi Solomon Talks to About His Candidacy for NJ State Assembly


avi-solomon[Video below] Avi Solomon, a resident of Lakewood, NJ, announced several weeks ago his candidacy for General Assembly of the 30th District of New Jersey. Avi has promised that, if elected, he will accomplish great things for Lakewood, the entire 30th District, and all of New Jersey. As a Republican, Avi says he believes in cutting taxes for all classes and would never vote in favor of any budget that emphasized a combination of class-warfare and tax increases. New Jersey, Avi says, has been the victim of tax increases in every possible area. “I will fight to keep your money from being stolen by the government,” Avi says. Avi also believes that addressing the issue of illegal immigrants in New Jersey will save the state millions upon millions of dollars. presents an exclusive video sit-down with Avi in which he explains his candidacy and some of his feelings about issues that are important to New Jersey residents.

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  1. Avi, I agree with your premise, but how exactly are you going yo take care of the illegal immigration problem? You can’t just put them on a bus and ship them back south.

  2. This guy uses immigrants as a scapegoat. All the kollel people receive government benefits and unlike illegal immigrants contributed nothing to the economy.

  3. lawgrad, that’s actually not true. Many kollel people own homes and pay property tax, and the kollel wives pay income tax too. But illegals only rent, and don’t get jobs that pay ‘on the books’.

  4. ‘Get a real job and let someone more qualified do the job’
    I don’t know if the current politicians are too qualified, so what’s the difference

  5. I just want to say that anyone writing on this forum doesn’t have much to say for themself, so they better think twice before knocking Avi…cuz who are you anyway?

  6. Yes, the government “steals” our money – and builds roads, gives us police and fire protection, water and sewer systems, public health care to prevent epidemics, schools (for those *other* people), helps fill sandbags when the river is rising, and all those other useless functions.

    I’ll pay my taxes, thank you, and take the clean water and police presence. If you want to go live in the “Wild West,” you’re out of luck. Even Montana and Idaho have taxes, because they also like roads, police departments and safe water.

    Mr. Solomon, go to the library and read a few books about government. Better yet, go to City Hall and ask the people who work there what they do.

  7. I support these positions. Appropriate taxes service us all, inappropriate taxes support unnecessary, agenda-driven projects, as well as, yes, encourage those of other countries to settle here illegally in droves.

    Rachel R, a little education goes a long way. Do some research, find out how much per capita is needed for a police force, road maintenance, good government, and other services necessary for a functioning society, and then learn a little about the hundreds of projects funded by our taxes that are not remotely related to necessary services and adequate government and societal functioning. Blind acceptance of tax increases evidences a lack of education regarding the true state of government finances.

  8. Why waste your time running? You haven’t got a chance, even if you think you have some good ideas, especially without the yeshiva’s backing. Besides, one man isn’t going to make a dent in NJ’s corrupt political machine. You’ll have no seniority in the legislature. You’ll never be taken seriously. You’re about 20 years younger than everyone else; too honest; not as articulate; and, not as well educated. You’ll be up against smooth talking, albeit corrupt, professional politicians.
    Unfortunately, they’ll make mincemeat out of you.
    Well, at least you tried.

  9. Please allow me to respond to a few comments made.

    In regards to Rachel who is happy to pay high taxes in return for the public services that are provided. Rachel, I don’t know who you are. Maybe you are rich and high taxes don’t disturb your lifestyle, but for many people high taxes are bankrupting them. S

    Secondly, Rachel I have no problem with tax dollars going towards services provided for tax payers. My problem begins when tax dollars are going towards illegal immigrants who don’t pay taxes and came in the country illegally. Finally, Rachel I am a political science major at Rutgers University. There is a great case to make that taxes border on unconstitutional, but I’m sure you already knew about the history of the Constitution.

    Next, I’d like to deal with lawgrad excusing me of using illegal immigrants as a scapegoat. A scapegoat is the victim of slanderous allegations that aren’t based in truth. My accusations against illegal immigrants being a huge problem in America is a fact recognized by millions of Americans. If you disagree with me than don’t vote for me, but don’t stop me from telling you I told you so in ten to twenty years when the country has been completely destroyed by the flood of illegal immigrants.

    Finally, Karl Rove, I have already told you that the NJ Constitutional requirement to run for General Assembly is 21. Since you so adamantly disagree, please petition for the NJ Constitution to be ammended or be quiet.


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