Video: Al Franken Draws US Map From Memory


franken[Video below.] It’s a video that appeared in’s Featured Videos several days ago and now it’s making headlines across the country. Al Franken may have just joined the Senate, but it seems he’s been studying up on the United States for quite some time. The junior senator from Minnesota showed off his U.S. map-drawing skills in a video posted on Sept. 4 from the Minnesota State Fair. Starting with his home state, he then proceeds to draw all 50 states without referencing a map. As of Tuesday evening, the video garnered more than 190,000 views online on various sites.

This isn’t the first time Franken has showed off his unique cartography talents. In 2007 Franken drew the map from memory at a fundraiser in Rochester, Minn. And during a 1987 appearance on “Late Night With David Letterman,” Franken drew the map in less than 2 minutes. 

Before the video filmed at the Minnesota State Fair, Franken used to only draw the contiguous 48 states. Why not all 50 states? “When I was a young boy, Alaska and Hawaii were not part of the Union, and I refuse to draw them,” Franken said last year at a senate campaign fundraiser .

During several fundraisers during this campaign for Minnesota senator, Franken auctioned off the map drawings. At one auction last May, his map sold for $375 .

To watch the video, click below:

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  1. Sorry guys, but this is not a big deal. When I was in public school back in the day, we were *all* required to do this sort of thing. Also to know the state capitals, principal products, even the year they joined the Union.

    The Senator is merely showing his age 🙂 (which is also shown by the fact that Hawaii and Alaska weren’t states when we were in school. I remember the changes in the US Flag, when they shuffled the arrangements of the stars to get them all in.

    We also had to draw maps of the world, with countries, capitals, etc. The fact that he can show off by drawing only the US map shows that the general level of geographical knowledge has gone down quite a bit.


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