Video: 15 People Hospitalized After Carbon Monoxide Scare Following Pesach Seder


A Westchester County family had gathered for the Seder, but carbon monoxide was an uninvited guest and 15 people ended up in the hospital, CBS NEW YORK reports.

At 4:30 a.m., the alarm sounded, waking up 24 people sleeping at Linda Eagle’s home.

“They got very lucky, they got very lucky that the alarm worked,” New Rochelle Fire Department Chief Robert Benz said.

A detector on the second floor of the home alerted the two dozen occupants to carbon monoxide.

“They said, ‘Get everybody out of bed ASAP, right away, get them into one room so we can test them,’” Eagle said said.

The source of the problem was a defective stove, officials said. All inside were conscious, but 15 were rushed to the hospital, including several young children. Hours later, they returned home to a grateful family. CBS NEW YORK




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