Vaccines Do Not Cause Autism


This appears in today’s Washington Post.

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President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team tried to tamp down the report from leading vaccine skeptic Robert F. Kennedy Jr. that Trump had asked him to lead a new panel on the safety of childhood inoculations. The president-elect, we were told, is only exploring the possibility of forming a government commission on autism. But by even entertaining the idea, Trump – who has his own troubling history when it comes to vaccine safety – gives new life to debunked conspiracy theories tying autism to vaccines. That in turn endangers children’s lives.

Trump met Tuesday with Kennedy, a longtime opponent of mandatory vaccination laws who once characterized the shots children receive to guard against illness as a holocaust. The meeting at Trump Tower, which Kennedy told reporters was requested by Trump, caused immediate and understandable concern in the medical community.

“It gives it a quasi-legitimacy that I frankly find frightening,” William Schaffner, a professor of preventive medicine and infectious diseases at Vanderbilt University, told the New York Times. Theories about a link between vaccines and conditions such as autism have been thoroughly discredited in numerous scientific studies that have established – without any question – the safety of vaccines.

Yet Trump, 10 days away from taking the oath of office for president, thought it important enough to meet with a leading proponent of conspiracy theories about vaccines, someone who, by the way, holds a law – not a medical – degree. Trump’s past comments about vaccines – “massive combined inoculations to small children is the cause for big increase in autism,” he tweeted in 2012 – betray an ignorant distrust of vaccines.

If Trump wants to make attacking autism a priority, he should be applauded. But he needs to go about it responsibly. Experts will tell him that the diagnosis of autism is more prevalent than in the past not because there is an “epidemic,” as he once claimed, but because the definition of autism spectrum disorderhas grown more inclusive. And they will assure him there is no connection to vaccines. He will endanger the health of millions of children if he fans doubts about vaccine safety.

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  1. Okay. So there you have it. The Washington Compost paskined for us. Case closed. No need for anymore research. No need for any other opinions. We can all move on now. Hurray. I’m so excited. I’m going to run down to my local Walgreens and I am going to take 10 flu shots just to be sure.

    • There is no “other side”, except for those like to believe in pseudo-science and the tooth fairy. Or, those who want to put our kinderlach in terrible danger. I’ll take this view of the Washington Post over your wilfully blind one anyday!

  2. If you are going to print an article like this you must print something on the other side of the controversy. Let Yidden make up there own minds – by not doing so you are using your website to influence people to one side.
    We certainly stand for Torah me’Sinai and would not of course give voice to anything that believes differently. But this is a case of health – and health is a Torah concern – so let the Frum public know there is 2 sides to the conflict and we will make up our own minds.

  3. there is no two sides ,in order for anti vaccine people to be right the fda, congress, ivy league colleges ,and all doctors are in cahoots and lying no way jose

  4. A wise doctor once said that there is a simple way to “convince” people to get their yearly flu shots – let them experience a fully blown influenza ONCE, just once.

  5. Vaccines cause Autism, Autoimmune disease, Sudden Death. ADHD, Depression, Cancer,Infertility, and many other conditions. Look up the simpsonwood coverup and see for yourself how the corrupt scientists in the government got together and conspired to coverup the truth back in 2001. Then they continued the coverup with the fraudulent 2004 study. This vaccine hoax perpetrated by the federal government,media and pharmaceutical industry, is indicative and even central to the deep corruption in our government and media. For some reason the frum websites like Matzav and others are going along with the fake news media and spreading the lies manufactured by the vaccine commercial interests of Merck ET AL.

  6. MM,
    Considering your intelligent post, it appears that the vaccines have caused irreparable damage to your mind and psyche.
    Sadly, an anti-stupidity inoculation hasn’t been invented, yet, but even if it has, your condition is too advanced to derive any tangible benefit therefrom.
    Perhaps you should attempt to keep your thoughts to yourself, lest you prove what others must suspect about you.

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