U.S. Warns of Iran’s Two-Month Nuclear “Breakout” Capability


iran-nuclear-facilitySecretary of State John Kerry said on Tuesday Iran has the ability to produce fissile material for a nuclear bomb in two months. “We’re operating with a time period for a so-called ‘break-out’ of about two months,” Kerry testified at a Senate hearing.

His comments highlighted Western concerns about Iran’s nuclear intentions and the wide divisions between the two sides that could still foil a deal. The overarching goal of the powers in the talks is to persuade Iran to scale back its program to the point that it would take it much longer, perhaps as much as a year, to produce fuel for a bomb if it chose to do so.

{Andy Heller-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Kerry finally sees what Israel has been saying for a year. Where’s the WHOLE WORLD and agreements that were issued after Hitler YM”S and World War II ??? Nio more of nice talk – U NEED TO SPEAK THEIR LANGUAGE – flatten all their sites


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