U.S. Sends Medics to Guantanamo


guantanamo-bayThis may not be hard to believe, but things aren’t looking up at Guantanamo Bay. The number of prisoners currently on hunger strike has hit 100, forcing the United States to send 40 nurses and medical specialists to the detention center to monitor the situation over the weekend.

Of those on strike, 21 are being force-fed. The inmates, many of whom are held without charge, are protesting their detention with the hunger strike, which began in February. Read more at BBC.

{Andy Heller-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. look at that. If inmates are held without charge and are on hunger strike, does the US consider setting them free because of their strike??
    and here we have terrorists and murderers who go on hunger strike and achieve deals with Israel to be released early….
    either I just don’t understand things, or this is really dafuk.

  2. What a wasted opportunity to save some excess spending. If they don’t want to eat, let them starve. Nice savings.
    Now instead of saving funds on feeding Gitmo detainees, we have to spend even more on what would amount to reversing the potential savings.


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