U.S. Jewish Leaders Taking Solidarity Trip To Israel Amid Gaza Conflict


malcolm-hoenleinLeaders from the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, a 51-member umbrella group, will visit Israel from July 14-16 in a showing of solidarity for the Jewish state amid the ongoing rocket barrages from Gaza.

“We feel compelled to demonstrate in the most tangible way our deep concern for and solidarity with Israel by being physically present with them,” said Conference of Presidents Executive Vice Chairman Malcolm Hoenlein. “They must know they are not alone and that the Jewish community as well the vast majority of the American people stand with them and pray for their safety and strive to tell the true story of Israel’s defensive action.”

The American delegation will meet with high-level government and military officials to gain insight into Israel’s Operation Protective Edge in Gaza, in addition to visiting areas impacted by rocket attacks.

“We express our support especially to the families living in Israel’s south, who have once again come under constant bombardment by rockets from Hamas-controlled Gaza,” Sugarman and Hoenlein said. “This is an intolerable situation and Israel must take whatever steps necessary to protect its citizens under attack and to put an end to these attacks across an international boundary.”




  1. the Israeli leadership never has the guts
    to do what’s necessary to really get the job done. They’re more worried about public opinion than the
    safety of their own citizens and therefore the situation keeps on repeating itself.


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