Urgent Alert: With Numerous Mixups, Check Packaging of Pesach Products


Hakhel tells Matzav.com that readers must be careful to check each and every Pesach product that comes into their home.

Hakhel shared a picture, seen above, that a reader submitted, which shows two seemingly identical cans of Coke that were found next to one another on the shelf of a store. See if you can tell the difference. [One says that it is kosher l’Pesach; the other does not.]

The same exact issue with found with Mayim Chaim seltzer on the same shelf.

A rov reported a similar experience among members of his kehillah with cooking oil.

The lesson seems to arise time and time again, each and every year: One must check each and every container and wrapper.

Gavriel Sitrit – Matzav.com Newscenter


  1. This is a very common occurance. Everyone by now should know that you have to be very meticulous to check all product6s for Pesach verifications. I found in one of the stores pepsi max from Israel. It has the hashgoche of the Edei Hachradus. But of the very bottom of it in small print says clearly that not for Pesach. Who redas that far down. Its in between all the other Kosher Lepasach products. So even if you do check it since its between the other Pesach products with such a good Hashgocha you buy it.
    This is also the problem of the Mashgichim, since I beleive that many of them may not be examining products properly.
    So the bottem line, you cant rely on anyone , check everything on your own by yourself to make sure that it contains the proper Hasgocha for Pesach.


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