UPDATE: Plane Engine Fragments Fall On NYC Neighborhood


plane-fragmentsAn American Airlines plane out of LaGuardia Airport was diverted to John F. Kennedy Airport to make an emergency landing this morning after an engine blew, causing engine fragments to fall onto the roof of a Queens industrial park below.American Flight 309, a McDonnell Douglas-80 carrying 88 passengers and five crew members, had just left LaGuardia for Chicago around 8:15 a.m., but was barely in the air when those on the ground heard – then saw – that something was very wrong.”We heard a loud bang and then a few seconds later you heard metal sweeping across the roof,” said Rick Bellini, an employee inside the industrial building where the debris landed.

The shards pierced the rubber roof, some a little smaller than a BlackBerry, others much bigger. A skylight was cracked, as were car windows, while the parking lot was covered with tiny pieces of what appeared to be titanium.

“We heard a very, very loud sonic boom or explosion, followed immediately thereafter of about 30 to 45 seconds of debris raining down, everybody was quite alarmed. We immediately suspected it was a problem with a plane,” said employee Bob Bellini. “We didn’t know if a plane had gone down or was going down.”

The MD-80, designed to fly with one engine, did just that and was diverted to JFK where it safely landed. Meantime, the FAA flocked to this industrial park to gather the metal fragments.

“It’s part of aviation, I mean accidents happen,” said an FAA representative at the scene.

American Airlines maintenance workers believe a turbine failure was responsible for the tiny pieces that broke apart, and incident they say they’ve seen happen before.

Queens Borough President Helen Marshall said she’s also seen this before, but said she’s had enough and isn’t buying the line that machines sometimes fail.

“There’s no excuse, no excuse. They’ve got to do whatever is necessary to make sure whatever is put in that sky is safe,” she told CBS 2.

Hours after the event, industrial park employees were still finding pieces of the plane while rethinking the wisdom of working in a flight path.

“It’s nice seeing planes going overhead,” said employee Tom Bellini, who added that it’s nice save for those scary moments when pieces of plane rain down onto the ground below.

American Airlines spokeswoman Andrea Huguely did not know the age of the plane or whether it had experienced any major problems in the past.

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  1. Just WATCH the FAA now say, “Safety was never compromised”, and that “It’s the safest period in aviation history”. FAA’s aero-publicist “spokespersons” like Jim Peters, Arlene Salac, Marcia Adams, Kathleen Bergen, and Laura Brown, are just a bunch of PAID LIARS.

    So – on which birds are FAA and NTSB now going to blame THIS today nonsense occurring in College Point (Queens), New York [instead of airline/FAA cronyism and uninspected and under-inspected plane defects] –

    Flying OSTRICHES perhaps? Maybe, EMUS?

    Flight 1549’s defective engines were the subject of an EMERGENCY Airworthiness Directive (A.D.) dated 12/31/2008, two weeks before the plane’s 1/15/2009 Hudson River bath. The A.D. is re-published at:
    Friday, February 20, 2009
    “Nick Sabatini, The Big Ex-FAA Chicken”

    And then there is that matter of 50 innocent people killed on February 12, 2009 by FAA and airline malfeasance, in Clarence Center, NY, near Buffalo. If you serve a FOIA request on FAA asking for all documents reflecting the names of all FAA officials and employees who attended ANY of the memorial services of the 50 victims, you will likely receive a “No Records Response” from the FAA’s FOIA unit – marking the first time the FAA FOIA unit ever answered anything truthfully.

    WATCH now, as the FAA now enlists hack low-level FAA employees to anonymously blog-back to newspaper message-boards nationwide, in an effort to conceal the truth and cover-up the rank incompetence of their federal “agency”.

    All FAA is, is a bad P.R. firm.

    All FAA is, is a bad P.R. firm.

    You will know the FAA employee-bloggers because they will be the ones too cowardly to identify themselves in the text of their newspaper bulletin-board message-posts by their real names and job descriptions.

    It’s again RAINING METAL.

    John J. Tormey III, Esq.
    Quiet Rockland


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