Update On Measles Outbreak in NY Frum Community


measlesBrooklyn, NY – The measles outbreak in Brooklyn is continuing to grow. To date, there have been 34 confirmed cases, including 27 in Borough Park and 7 in Williamsburg. Additional suspected cases are being ┬áinvestigated.

All cases are part of the frum community and were, unfortunately, unvaccinated at the time of exposure, including 5 cases too young to have been vaccinated, 23 cases who refused vaccine, and 6 cases whose vaccines were delayed. Cases range in age from 0 to 32 years (median 7 years), including 5 infants, 21 children, and 8 adults.

Complications have included pneumonia, a miscarriage, and two hospitalizations.

Measles is highly contagious. Doctors have identified over 700 people who have been exposed, predominantly in health-care settings. Home isolation is required for up to 21 days for exposed persons without evidence of immunity to prevent further exposures.

To interrupt the spread of measles in the community, doctors have asked for assistance regarding reporting, isolation, prophylaxis, testing, and vaccination. To learn more about what you can do, click here.

{Noam Amdurski-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. I remember when mumps were going around and they accused us of not vaccinating our kids. Well, two of my vaccinated sons got severe cases of mumps. It turns out that the vaccine manufacturer knew their vaccine was ineffective for over a decade. The Health department will say anything to make us look bad.

  2. #1, you should just know that statistically, measles outbreaks generally get started from someone who WAS vaccinated – recently and with the LIVE vaccine. And generally it’s the vaccinated who get the measles. I’m not sure if you can believe everything you read…

  3. Not all vaccines are 100% effective. Mumps. for example carries an approximately 85% effectiveness, vs. zero protection w/o vaccine. So, yes, vaccinating is still extremely important.

    In cases where someone got sick even after a vaccination, the disease is almost always much milder that the cases w/o any protection. My son had chicken pox even though he was vaccinated, but his case was so mild, they weren’t even sure it was really chicken pox at the time. (Blood results later verified immunity.)

  4. Attention # 2&3,
    They are putting “OTHERS” lives in danger because of their sick &#11 misguided beliefs!
    How can our schools let children join the student body if their parents elect to “POSSIBLY” hurt other children when there is a healthy way to avoid its contraction and spread!!!!?
    As for the board of health, BIG DEAL!!! So they hate us! If we allow kids who are not vaccinated to sit in classes with our kids and a very young child or expectant mother is exposed, we are our worst enemy! It’s our fault! We ought demand of our mosdos that they YES discriminate against the kids whose parents didn’t vaccinate them AND NOT ALLOW THEM IN!!!! To use your line #3, it’s Damaynu Brosham!

  5. Can we please end the vaccination phobia among segments of our community before we c”v have to deal with a polio breakout.C”V, C”V!!
    I’m afraid that those chachomim who know better than everyone else are too young to know what that means c”v.
    If they don’t want chicken pox vaccinations, fine.
    MMR, they’re taking a risk with their own and other’s children’s (in this case an unborn child as well) health.
    But lemaan HASHEM pease make sure that all children are properly vaccinated for polio!

  6. Parents who don’t vaccinate their kids are putting their kids’ lives in danger, and also the lives of the kids who aren’t old enough to get vaccinated. And as one researcher who looked at the real data from adverse events from vaccines wrote, “The measles vaccine has proven to be one of the safest and most successful health interventions in the history of mankind. ”

    Duclos P, Ward BJ. Measles vaccines: a review of adverse events. Drug Saf. 1998 Dec;19(6):435-54.

  7. For all those refusing vaccinations, just want to clarify that the measles outbreak began with a child NOT vaccinated!!!!!! Hope those that do NOT believe in vaccinating take precautions!!!!!!! You do NOT want to be the next one to suffer the consequence!

  8. #8 is telling us true. I am also old enough to remember polio epidemics before the vaccine, and the terror and sorrow that went along with children dying or spending years in an “iron lung.” Furthermore, even those who had it and recovered from paralysis had partial relapses many years after. Whatever else you may think, GET YOUR CHILDREN VACCINATED AGAINST POLIO.

  9. If anyone has a realistic plan for re-educating those that have been convinced of the “dangers” of vaccinating, please come forward! The school I send to doesn’t even ask for a medical form!

  10. To #4. Please tayereh yid. You are very wrong. it is virtually impossible to get measles from a vaccine. we know that this outbreak was started by a family that came over from England with measles. Imagine the tzorus that family must be going through knowing that they are the cause of so much suffering and concern. Parents PLEASE vaccinate your children. May Klal Yisroel know no more suffering.

  11. Please!!! I advise you to read the package insert that comes with the vaccine which states out right that lives vaccines can and do shed!!!


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