Update On IDF Aid Delegation’s Assistance And Support To Haiti


haiti-disaster-israel-aidThe IDF aid delegation in Haiti is continuing to provide assistance and support in various ways to the local population. Yesterday, three water towers capable of holding up to 12 thousand liters of water each, were built by the delegation’s representatives in order to supply the residents with a water infrastructure. Shelters and tents have also been constructed in order to provide refuge for those who have lost their homes. Civil engineers intThe Israeli delegation in Haiti also opened central traffic routes that had been blocked in the aftermath of the earthquake.

These missions were enabled through the computer analysis of aerial photographs of the area of Port- Au-Prince, stricken by the earthquake, providing real time situation analysis.

Thus far, 720 people have been treated at the IDF field hospital, 233 life-saving surgeries were performed, and 10 babies were delivered, two of which in Caesarean births. Most of the patients currently being cared for in the field hospital are considered to be in moderate condition.

On Shabbos, 15 patients from the Israeli field hospital in Haiti were transferred to the U.S. Navy hospital ship “Comfort” in order to receive further medical treatment. This transfer was coordinated with the American delegation in Haiti. Additionally, two premature babies delivered in the Israeli field hospital were transferred to a local hospital.

The Haitian government announced that the rescue efforts in the country have officially ended. The IDF rescue teams have began to operate based on specific indications or calls for help.

Today, the Home Front Command will conduct a status assessment regarding the IDF’s future activity in Haiti.

The Israeli field hospital was established in order to provide a first response to the citizens of Haiti until the arrival of additional medical forces capable of dealing with the magnitude of the situation

{Yair Alpert-Matzav.com Israel}


  1. not everything that one feels he knows, must he share with the rest of the world.
    if you cant see the good in what they are doing, then keep it to yourself.
    im not very well versed in torah, but im sure your comment will create more chillul hashem then kiddush hashem.

    but i love all jews anyway, so have much hatzlacha

  2. How inappropriate is the posting name Nice to Know
    Clearly a misnoma if ever their was one.
    Definitely cause for an extra Al Chait next Yom Kippur for such evil thoughts.
    “For the sin wherein we have sinned before you with utterance of the lips”

    For the sin we have sinned before you by foolish speech

    For the sin we have sinned before you of causeless hatred


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