UN General Assembly Adopts Israeli-Sponsored Resolution on “Entrepreneurship for Development”


united-nationsBy a vote of 129 in favor and 31 against, the UN General Assembly on Friday adopted an Israeli-sponsored resolution to advance entrepreneurship in the developing world as a new means to fight poverty and create growth and jobs. Ambassador Ron Prosor noted: “Unfortunately, the Arab Group announced that it would vote against this resolution….What a shame. Few places could benefit from entrepreneurship more than the Arab world….By voting against this resolution [the Arab delegations] have turned their backs on their own people.”

“Israel’s experience shows that humans are a country’s greatest natural resource. In just six decades, Israel has transitioned from a developing nation to a start-up nation….Israel’s story shows that if you want stability, empower your people. If you want prosperity, invest in your citizens. And if you want sustainability, engage every member of society – especially women and youth.”

{Andy Heller-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Isn’t this the UN that routinely trashes Israel? Yet they’re voting overwhlemingly for an Israeli-spnsored resolution? Hmmm. Are times changing, except where politics are involved?

  2. Of course, there’s nothing new in the Arabs turning their backs on their own people. THe fact that there are still Palestinians in, what they call, camps, is totally absurd and done for political reasons only. The Palestinians have suffered for 3 generations, while the wealthy Arabs could have had these people settled and leading normal lives.This is, of course, just because of their hatred of Israel. Imagine if our own people would still be in DP camps for the past 60 years just so that we could make a political point with the world about all the assets that were confiscated from Jews in WWII.


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