Ukraine Confirms Appointment Of Jewish Prime Minister


The Ukrainian Parliament confirmed the appointment of the Jewish former mayor of the town of Vinnytsia as the country’s new prime minister, following the resignation of prime minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk.

Vlodymir Groysman, 38, replaces Yatsenyuk, who has been condemned by Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko for losing the public’s trust. Ukrainian lawmakers voted 257-50 to approve Groysman’s appointment and to accept Yatsenyuk’s resignation.

“I understand that we are in extremely difficult condition, that the government has a huge responsibility and the challenges it faces are simply enormous,” Groysman said Wednesday regarding Ukraine’s ongoing conflict with Russia and its financial crisis, the Interfax news agency reported. “I also know that with Ukrainian citizens’ support, we’ll strive to end the crisis.”

While he was the mayor of Vinnytsia, Groysman is said to have transformed the town for the better. “Together, we will make Ukraine successful,” he said after his confirmation as prime minister.



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