U.K. Jewish Schools Receive Bomb Threats


The British security organization Community Security Trust (CST) said that bomb threats were received by Jewish schools in the United Kingdom on Monday.

The threats came in the form of voice messages claiming that the schools would be bombed, with Arabic music in the background. Six schools, including both Jewish and non-Jewish schools, received the threats on Monday. The Metropolitan Police Service checked all the schools and found no evidence of explosives.

In the past month, a number of other schools received such threats in various parts of the U.K., in addition to five schools in Paris. Although British police are not calling these threats credible, CST still advised Jewish schools receiving such messages to implement their security procedures and searches. CST reported that 2015 saw the highest-ever number of anti-Semitic incidents in one year in the U.K. More than 900 cases of verbal abuse, other offensive behavior, and anti-Semitic graffiti were reported. There were also a few minor physical assaults, and four serious/violent attacks.




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