Two of Three Israelis Killed in Istanbul Attack Were US Nationals


The Israeli Foreign Ministry Spokesman, Emmanuel Nachshon, has confirmed that the two Israeli citizens who were killed in the suicide bombing in Istanbul on Shabbos were dual nationals, holding both Israeli and US citizenship.

One of the Israeli victims has been named as 60-year-old Mrs. Simcha Damari of Dimona. She is survived by her husband, Avi, who was hurt in the attack and sustained moderate injuries, and their four children. Avi suffered leg fractures and a punctured lung and underwent an operation in Turkey.

Avi and Simcha were in Turkey as part of a culinary tour of 14 people.

The other Israeli victims have been named as Yonatan Schorr, 40, and Avrohom Goldman, 70.

Hashem yikom domom.

{D. Linick-}


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