Trump Will Keep Vow On Yerushalayim Embassy Move, Giuliani Says


President Donald Trump will keep his pledge to move the U.S. embassy in Israel to Yerushalayim, former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani said, despite Palestinian warnings that such a step would spark violence and sabotage the prospect of renewed peace talks.

Traveling to Israel with messages from Trump to Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu, Giuliani said the new U.S. president and his advisers will probably take “six months or so” to develop a new strategy for American peace efforts in the Middle East. How and when the U.S. moves the embassy will be discussed when Netanyahu visits the White House in early February, Giuliani said.

“I think you’ve got to wait a little bit, but it will get done,” Giuliani said of the embassy move, speaking in an interview at the Tel Aviv offices of Greenberg Traurig. He heads the law firm’s global Cybersecurity, Privacy and Crisis Management practice.

Trump realizes the embassy decision “implicates four or five countries and how they’re going to react,” Giuliani said. “He needs to know how the prime minister of Israel is going to react and how he wants to see something like this done.”

Trump on Thursday told Fox News it was too early for him to speak publicly on the issue.

Giuliani  dismissed Palestinian warnings that moving the embassy would ignite the whole region.

“I think this country is capable of dealing with waves of violence,” the former mayor said.

Giuliani predicted Netanyahu and Trump would have a “very, very good, collaborative relationship,” as opposed to what he described as the “hostile relationship” between President Barack Obama and the Israeli leader.

(c) 2017, Bloomberg · Michael S. Arnold, Jonathan Ferziger 



  1. Again…

    The Australian Government’s statement on Monday 2nd January 2017 that they would not relocate their embassy to Jerusalem was correct.

    “Zion shall be redeemed with judgment, and her converts with righteousness.”

    – Isaiah 1:27

    צִיֹּ֖ון בְּמִשְׁפָּ֣ט תִּפָּדֶ֑ה וְשָׁבֶ֖יהָ בִּצְדָקָֽה׃

    P.S. For some 29th of Tevet, 5777 / כ״ט בְּטֵבֵת תשע״ז Shabbat interest for the Matsav owners, funders, editors and readers…

    ويكون في آخر الايام ان جبل بيت الرب يكون ثابتا في راس الجبال ويرتفع فوق التلال وتجري اليه كل الامم. – Isaiah 2:2

    I will interpret this famous prophecy now…

    What the “mountain of the house of the lord” means is the following. Mountain implies peak, apex, highest point, i.e. the wisest opinion; perspective will present itself at some point. This higher authority will thus need to be heeded. The “chief of the mountains” bit means that this person will have to recognized, supported and heeded as the leader of the generation. The part about the word going forth from Zion alludes to the fact that at some point this person will be installed in Jerusalem proper.

    גוּט שַׁבָּת

  2. Incorrect translation of the Hebrew, and Isaiah was not written in Arabic.

    Your interpretation of the Arabic verse is arbitrary.


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